Reviews of ‘The Morgan Trilogy’

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The Witches of Avalon
“As always, Lavinia Collins doesn’t disappoint. This first book sees Morgan grow from an innocent child to a young woman who discovers betrayal, the cruelty of a men’s world, and sex.
Once again, Collins has created complex, intriguing characters, and a vivid world that makes you forget the Arthurian legends are just that, legends. They seem real. It’s also refreshing to see them told, for a change, by the female protagonists who are often relegated to one-dimensional characters in the background. Here, Morgan comes forward to tell her own story. And it’s a very compelling one.
If you like the Arthurian legends, or even just a good story, check it out.”
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The Curse of Excalibur 
“If you’re as intrigued by Morgan Le Fay as much as I am, then you too must read The Morgan Trilogy by Lavinia Collins.

The Curse Of Excalibur is a much darker novel than The Witches of Avalon. Black magic, intrigues, plots, mysteries, and dangerous affairs make for a very gripping read. The story absorbs you from the first page, bringing you into its world. You forget Camelot is just a legend. It seems so real.

The characters are well-developed and rounded. Although Morgan is becoming increasingly harder to like, I enjoy learning her story from her own words. Who else could better make us understand how an innocent young girl can become so vindictive and dangerous?

Although I know (and you probably do too if you are familiar with the Arthurian legends), how the story ends, I can’t wait for the last instalment of The Morgan Trilogy. I know it won’t disappoint.”
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The Fall of Camelot 
“Plots, lies, betrayals, all the ugliness comes to the surface, forcing the protagonists to come to terms with their actions. To face their inner truths. To admit what they’d rather keep hidden. To grow up. To make amends. To grieve and forgive.
Even though you know what is going to happen next (at least you will if you’re familiar with the Arthurian legends), you still won’t be able to put this book down till you reach the last page. It’s so gripping and enthralling. A real page turner. And a must read for all fans of Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur, Sir Kay, and the lost world of Camelot.”
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Crystal’s Many Reviewers blog

The Witches of Avalon
“If you highly enjoyed Collins Guinevere Trilogy, you will adore the sequel to the story of Camelot presented through the eyes of Morgan, the powerful enchantress and half sister of King Arthur.
Collins once again gives us a story of a powerful female protagonist pushing back against the powers of Camelot. She develops a multilayered character that embodies every part of the Morgan mythology. The story is an exciting and entertaining tale of a woman who is a witch, an enchantress, a seducer, a lover, a leader, a sibling, a friend, a foe, a victim and a perpetrator. Morgan is the embodiment of feminine power and feminine struggle. I can’t wait to read the second book!”
Read the full review here. 

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