Recommended Reads

My round-up of must-reads – if you like history, fantasy, romance or anything with good female characters and a plot filled with intrigue then look no further!



Great scholarly yet popular history of the ancient world! A must-read for classical history lovers.


Empowering erotica that I would strongly recommend for all ladies who like to be in charge. (According to Chaucer, that’s all of us, by the way).



Young Adult fantasy romance with fairies, intrigue and plenty of heat.



Truly unique mystery novel – recommended to all lovers of interesting characters and intrigue across time.




Great fun from the lovely Julie – strongly recommended!





Old English Intrigue, Sex and Scandal. Great historical novel with incredible period detail.





Accessible popular history of royal sexuality.



Salacious historical fiction featuring everyone’s (second) favourite crazy Emperor, Domitian.





Young Adult novel – I couldn’t put it down. It’s not “fun” as such, but it’s incredible writing. Not for the faint-hearted!



Don’t see your book here, and think I’d like it? Drop me a line here. 

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