Books by Lavinia Collins

book one The Warrior Queen 

(Volume I of The Guinevere Trilogy)

‘The Warrior Queen’ is the first instalment of ‘The Guinevere Trilogy’, a new series of eBooks that reimagines the         famous story of Queen Guinevere for a modern audience.

When her people’s army is destroyed in the war with King Arthur, Guinevere is horrified to discover that her conqueror has demanded to have her as his bride. She arrives at Camelot angry and resentful, but quickly finds that the king who defeated her people in battle is not the brute she expected. Slowly, she gains a fragile happiness in her new home, but this is threatened when war comes again. When her life is saved on the battlefield by a mysterious French knight, Guinevere finds herself caught between desire and duty, the longing for happiness in the new life she has, and her desire to be free and follow her heart.

This original re-imagining of a much-loved legend gives readers a new Guinevere; passionate, headstrong and fiercely independent. An immersive adventure through Arthurian legend, steeped in magic, passion and intrigue, this book won’t disappoint, ‘The Warrior Queen’ retells the classic narrative through the eyes of a queen determined to escape the bounds her society has placed on her, determined not to be ruled by the men who surround her, and determined to be master of her own destiny.

Reviews of The Warrior Queen 

‘With a mix of romance and legend along with rich descriptions, I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I went through so many emotions as I read: frustration, physical and emotional pain, anger, elation, and even sexual desire….’

‘An interesting and enthralling re-telling of Arthur’s legend. The story is written from Queen Guinevere’s point of view and gives old characters a new life. It is a beautifully written novel which any fan of King Arthur and his court will love.’ 

‘I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for an old story made even better, or even if you are just looking for a quick fascinating read.’

Available on Amazon here.

cover2A Champion’s Duty 

(Volume II of The Guinevere Trilogy)

The Amazon blurb:

The second stunning title in this fabulous, ground-breaking retelling of an epic story

Feeling increasing trapped in Camelot, Guinevere finds solace in Lancelot and their illicit affair blossoms. But gossip grows in Arthur’s court and only by accepting the quest for the Holy Grail can Lancelot place himself above suspicion. But in his absence will Guinevere survive the increasing danger she finds herself in from all around her, and will Arthur’s love be enough to save her from harm?

Reviews of A Champion’s Duty 

I don’t know what I can say about this book except declare my undying love for it! I had high expectations when starting this book and I wasn’t disappointed! It can be read as a stand alone novel as part of the trilogy and if I were you I would read the first before reading this because you will learn to love the characters and the story and by the time you are finished you will be dying to read this book.’

‘Camelot, and the life of its inhabitants, come to life in this book. It feels like a real place, and a very captivating one too. Collins really writes beautifully. The story flows so easily, and the plot is so engrossing, that you’ll devour A Champion’s Duty in no time. Now, I can’t wait for the third, and last, part!’

‘Those of us who have been waiting for this sequel will not be disappointed. and those who have not yet read these books, I recommend that you do that soon. 😉 It is packed with adventure, romance, disappointments, rumors, betrayal and a quest…. All in all an amazing re-telling of the legend of King Arthur.’ 

Find it on Amazon here

book three

The Day of Destiny 

(Volume III of The Guinevere Trilogy)

The Amazon blurb:

As Guinevere’s affair with Lancelot becomes public, Mordred forces Arthur’s hand and she is put to the pyre. Saved at the last minute by Lancelot, she is taken from Camelot to Joyous Guard, but before long Arthur gathers his armies to lay siege to the castle and begin a war that will threaten everything.
The Day of Destiny is the third title in Lavinia Collins’ highly acclaimed trilogy recounting life at King Arthur’s court from the point of view of Queen Guinevere.

Reviews of The Day of Destiny

‘I enjoyed this series much more than the original Arthur legends. The way Lavinia writes gives the story such depth and you feel all of the pain that the characters suffer and feel as if you are in the story with them. It is made so much more realistic than the original story and I think that is what gets you so hooked on it. I have never read a book that breathes the amount of real life into history the way that this does.’ 

‘I loved this series, each book was better then the previous. And the climax was epic. I already mentioned how much I loved queen Guinevere as a narrator. It is the best version of this legend I’ve come across. The emotions are almost tangible and the way Lavinia has developed all the important characters is remarkable. There is a lot tension and passion which gives this story more depth.’

‘The ending is very poignant and pulls at your heartstrings. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell that I had a lump in my throat and almost shed a tear or two. That rarely happens to me, which just goes to show what a brilliant writer Collins is.’

Find it on Amazon here

And you can read them all in gorgeous paperback! 

downloadGUINEVERE: A Medieval Romance 

A beautiful Arthurian romance you will not be able to put down Never before has the mysterious legend of King Arthur and the knights of Camelot been explored in such sumptuous detail. Told from the point of view of Guinevere, this epic romance chronicles the life and loves of the queen of the Round Table. From being torn away from her native Breton to wed Arthur, being held captive by his enemies to her affair with Lancelot and the subsequent fall of Arthur’s kingdom, every dramatic event is explored in a rich, compelling narrative. With acute attention to the existing literature and historical studies, Medievalist scholar Lavinia Collins brings the world of dashing knights, week-long banquets and cruel wars to light for a contemporary audience eager to get an insider view of life at Arthur’s court. While this book will make fans of Arthurian literature ecstatic, it will also bring delight to any reader of quality contemporary fiction.

Find it on Amazon here

518y7IxaGrL._SX359_BO1,204,203,200_The Witches of Avalon
A captivating new take on Arthurian legend

Morgan, the elder half-sister of newly crowned King Arthur, is on her way to becoming an accomplished witch. She learns quickly and soon makes a name for herself in Camelot.
Yet with war on the horizon, she puts more trust in her magic books and the sword Excalibur than in the people around her.
Morgan is never safe from the sinister, shape-shifting Merlin, or from the marriage plans that young King Arthur has made for her in order to secure his realm.

Will she listen to Merlin’s dark advice? And how far is she willing to go in her quest for freedom?

“It is as well to frighten people as to seduce them to get what you want.”

Reviewers say…“Once again, Collins has created complex, intriguing characters, and a vivid world that makes you forget the Arthurian legends are just that, legends. They seem real… Here, Morgan comes forward to tell her own story. And it’s a very compelling one.”

“Collins once again gives us a story of a powerful female protagonist pushing back against the powers of Camelot. She develops a multilayered character that embodies every part of the Morgan mythology. The story is an exciting and entertaining tale… Morgan is the embodiment of feminine power and feminine struggle. I can’t wait to read the second book!”

Find it on Amazon here. 


The Curse of Excalibur
A captivating story of medieval romance, jealousy and revenge

Completely abandoned by everyone she trusted and sold into marriage with the vile Uriens to please her brother, King Arthur, Morgan sits alone in Rheged Castle.

A burning desire for revenge on everyone grows inside her.

Most of all, however, she hates Arthur. So when he unwittingly asks her to look after his sword Excalibur, she senses an opportunity.

But Morgan will have to overcome the trickery of Merlin, and summon all of her otherworldly powers to return to Camelot and vanquish her enemies.
Reviewers say… If you’re as intrigued by Morgan Le Fay as much as I am, then you too must read The Morgan Trilogy by Lavinia Collins.” 

“Exciting, magical and full of intrigue. I couldn’t put it down.
Find it on Amazon here. 

The Fall of Camelot: epic medieval romance (THE MORGAN TRILOGY Book 3)


A thrilling and dramatic finale to this fascinating Arthurian Trilogy

Having lost a son and a lover, Morgan continues on her quest to destroy King Arthur. With Guinevere on the scene, she is patient and cunning and plants the seeds of jealousy.

But Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate child, who has the dark powers of the Otherworld, is also restless for his father’s crown.

The mighty Camelot is under threat, war lingers on the horizon, and lives will be lost…

Reviewers say… “Even though you know what is going to happen next (at least you will if you’re familiar with the Arthurian legends), you still won’t be able to put this book down till you reach the last page. It’s so gripping and enthralling. A real page turner. And a must read for all fans of Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur, Sir Kay, and the lost world of Camelot.”

Find it on Amazon here

 And you can read all three in a gorgeous paperback: 

Morgan: An Arthurian Fantasy

Beautiful, mysterious and beguiling, Morgan, the half-sister of King Arthur, has come of age and left Avalon for Camelot. But she quickly finds that there are few people she can trust. Her brother’s only interest in her is as a pawn to sell into marriage to appease his enemies. And she can never really trust Merlin and follow his advice. With war on the horizon will Morgan take the opportunity to stand up for herself and even exact revenge on Arthur?

How far is she willing to go in her quest for freedom?

In a tale wrought with medieval romance, jealousy and revenge, Morgan will have to overcome the trickery of Merlin, the allure of Lancelot, the ruthless power of King Arthur, and summon all of her Otherworld powers if she hopes to survive a male-dominated court and vanquish her enemies.

Find it on Amazon here


4 thoughts on “Books by Lavinia Collins”

  1. What a wonderful series Lavinia. ‘Morte d’Arthur’ by Mallory has always stayed with me: such rich, poetic and inspiring stories. I love the interweaving of dark and light in those tales. I must add you to my ‘read soon’ list.

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