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  1. When your friends are laughing about what you did last night, but you can’t remember what embarrassing stuff you did. 

Version 2

2. When you’re out for the night and you’re feeling your look

3. When  you have to work on Saturday, but you know all your friends are out Friday night. 

Version 2

4. When you’re doing a really good job but nobody’s noticed


5. When someone brings home baking into work and everyone else is being polite and waiting for lunchtime Version 2

6. When you’re getting really sick of explaining yourself for the millionth time 

 Version 2

7. When you’re in a restaurant and you can kind of hear the people on the next table having a fight

Version 3

8. When you’re starving hungry and sick of waiting for everyone else to be done showing off their jewels


9. When someone is sleeping and you really need their eyes 


10. (My personal favourite) When your friend tells you a long, exaggerated anecdote that makes them look really cool and suave and funny and you’re not buying it.